Pam Finn

Pam Finn Co-Founder

Pam Finn aka PR Pam co manages / causes general creative mayhem at Hashtag Media. Pam has two decades worth of business acumen , she has worked in the media industry television, radio and print, she has launched over 500 businesses through sister company PR Pam and has had her own TV show ( she’s a busy lady ). She has worked with some of the most famous brands and personalities in Ireland, is a mentor for The Design & Craft Council of Ireland and Enterprise Ireland. 

Jacinta Collins Co-Founder

Brand Boss J is the grounded Yin to lightening Pam’s Yang at Hashtag, this chick sits on Pam's creative ideas until they are ready to hatch! Working in the media industry for the last 10 years from print, to newspaper to publishing, she has managed to give things the midas touch to get projects and businesses booming. She loves creatives in business and businesses getting creative and never stops coming up with ideas. J runs sister company Brand Boss J where she thinks, designs and develops the day away branding and expanding businesses. When she’s not laughing down the phone with Pam, making or creating, she is in nature or with her canine bestie Caomh on the beach in Strandhill. She also loves great conversations, travel, fancy food, nice coffee and all things that set her sensory soul on fire.

Jacinta Collins

Dolores Engager

Dolores is our adventurer & our engager. This wild and whimsical woman loves papping, posting, tweeting and meeting our clients. Our Engagement Queen B Dol adores photogrpahy, Twitter & the chats & when she is not tweeting from the tree tops, she’s snapping her three boys, nature & anything she can catch the light on. She also often finds content that goes viral! 

Meadhbh Content Curator

Meet Maedhbh Sinclair- a passionate journalist who loves media and communications. Also a gaeilgeòir in Raidio Na Life 106.4fm. Irish culture and the Irish language are really important to her. & she is proud to be part of the creative online community. I've worked across different media platforms including, newspapers, magazine, radio and online publications.She loves a challenge and is always up for new opportunities. Go raibh mìle.


Niall Content Curator

Time to meet our newest Hashtagger - Niall! He's a Broadcast Journalist who has been working in radio and television for over five years. We recently met Niall while on The Sunday Business Show on Today FM, where he was working as a Researcher and running their Social Media. Along with being a bit of a Twitter addict, he also loves all things Film, Music and TV related.
Niall’s also obsessed with Comedy and even does the occasional show himself, whenever the comedy bug bites.

Ruth Kemple

Ruth a beauty addict and self proclaimed selfie queen. Ruth likes to make social media beautiful and loves adding some glitter and sparkle to the busy social media world. Fun Fact the beach is her happy place #mermaid.

Ruth Kemple


Simon is a social media addict with over 2 decades experience in sales and retail, meaning he is well versed in finding the USPs, FBIs and any other TLAs (Three Letter Acronyms) for  your product or service, and using them to maximise sales and create a buzz for a brand.
His passions away from social media are Live Comedy and Live Music, and he has been involved in setting up, running and promoting several live events in East Meath and Derry City.
Simon is a native Dubliner, but was always seen as a “culchie” due to his Galway and Midlands parents (he is strangely proud of the fact he was the only one of his mates growing up who could milk a cow).
Now that he has emigrated to East Meath he is seen as a “Blow In Dub”, but still has hardly met a local who can milk a cow.
Even though he was born with the standard 10 fingers and toes his wife expects that any day now his hands will evolve shape due to the amount of time he spend on his phones social media apps (a never ending collection of phones with cracked screens).
During the “Celtic Tiger” Simon was known to enjoy expensive Vodkas but now has to do with local Craft beers until the Lottery Numbers come up.
Simon has only ever worn a Bow tie once.