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Gran Grans foods

Brand Development

Agency Strengths: Logo & Label Design


Gran grans have developed a broad range of products from their home farm house in Co.Galway. The challenge was as a small producer their budget could not extend to 50 label redesigns so as an experience company working with businesses of all sizes, we worked a creative solution for this homely delicious condiment brand.


The original Gran Grans bore no reflection on them other than it was a house so we illustrated the family home in which this family founded their business. It is beautiful to see the home in the logo visual that homely food is made; re-enforcing the honesty of the brand that defies modern trends; it’s true to the nature of its origin in Co.Galway.
The label rework was a collaboration with the owners over a period of time to ensure the brand was able to launch its new look but also to keep the costs in line with that of the fast growing production of Gran Grans business.


This brand is growing and growing since we began working with Gran Grans – from it’s new look to opening a new location; we are thrilled to watch the success of a trust delicious brand.

Gran grans