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Irish Apothecary

Brand Development

Agency Strengths: Brand Design


This was an entire revamp of the business branding from scratch and it needed to be completed across the business build, products and it had a very short timeline in line with the covid-related climate. The company had to launch in line with their PR strategy including new brand name from Galway based company PR PAM.


The requirement was to merge a holistic brand with a more medicinal look and feel to launch their new product; we used a more traditional style including a clean white bright white feel to represent the medicinal and a sage green to compliment the earthiness. Like the brand we used the traditional background of this brand to compliment it with modern clean & simple complimentary whites.


The result was a huge success in collaboration with PR’s image lead; we were successful in reaching very tight print & decor deadlines for this successful brands launch. The visuals speak for themselves.

Irish Apothecary
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