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Mogerley Pies

Brand Development

Agency Strengths: Brand Design


A brilliant brand; Ireland’s oldest pie company. However the brand communication was dated. The challenge was that we wanted to use old photos of the family and butchers but alas we had limited to work with. The change of packaging also was a concern for their customers that they would still recognise the brand on the shelves.


We decided to use the old photos as the core of the brand.We re-worked the old logo to a new but still retro design. Re-designing the voice or tone of the brand as a wholesome Irish comedian with a Dublin accent; fun & true to the original customer’s origin. The goal was to reflect the family-run company in full and to introduce the brand ambassador Nicola the owner & female director of this fun food company. We used tagline’s like ‘the kinda pies yer ma makes’ & ‘shake & bake’ to lure in the a younger target market. The front of the new package design shows Mr Mogerley himself in his butcher days; Coupled with the brand story & Nicola Mogerley on the back; we love the result & so does our client & their customers.


The brand got a new lease of life as we shared their new image. Since then the brand has gone on to run successful PR campaign & continues to see empty shelves in Tesco & other major supermarkets.

Mogerley Beef Curry
new Mogerley label logo
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