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Story Tellers & Content Creators

Social TV is a broadcast experience for your event; TV for the small screen. Our Social TV team consists of a professional filming crew who will film content for your social media during events, leaving you stress free and equipped with the content to capture attention and drive engagement. With 85% of people watching their phone whilst watching TV; we capture the passive viewer & drive brand awareness & ticket sales. We curate and capture important interviews & moments from an event that you can post straight to your social media. As content is posted within 1 hour of recording post edit; we can offer a professional outlay in almost real time.
Each TV style interview is researched and communicated in line with event brand communication. Content captured on behalf of the brand is then handed over as intellectual property for re-use. The Social TV team offer a safe and supported environment to ensure a quick and successful execution that is in-keeping with your event or festival’s brand image.