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Ted Johnsons

Agency Strengths: Video Creation


This local family run retailer has been in business for years in Nass Co. Kildare. Ted Johnson’s children who now run the business had so many stories of how they served their community and customers over the years. As they moved into investing further in their social media and online presence, we wanted to give them something that would lift them to another level online.


One such story we heard from the family was a beautiful story of how Ted Johnson’s saved Christmas for one particulate child. So we created a very slow-paced down to earth simplistic video that shares the true story of Ted Johnsons and their generosity and kindness using them as the talent to add to the authenticity in Christmas 2019.


The Christmas ad was hugely successful in their locality and re-enforced the message of the company that cares for their local community. The goals is to continue telling Ted’s Stories in coming years.