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World Skills Ireland

Social TV Campaign

Agency Strengths: Social TV for Events


The challenge we faced with this Social TV video campaign was that we were limited with the access to the team in the lead up to the event as they were in strict training. As the event was taking place in Russia we facilitated authentic and ‘real time’ exposure. We knew our challenge would be to create an comfortable environment & capture authentic footage to follow the journey of the World Skills Ireland competitors are the competed for world titles in Russia.


Capturing special moments in line with prepped interview content made this campaign very special. We interviewed all the competitors individually. adding some strong b-roll, one such video got over 30,000 organic views when posted on Facebook. The key consideration when travelling was ensuring that the interview questions were set so when we had the very important minutes assigned with a Minister of State or a competitor- that our producers & scriptwriters had their research done to ensure we captured quality content. Asking the right questions and making the interviewee comfortable is where our content strengths superseded in this campaigns as we assigned an appropriate presenter & interviewer to work with the young team.
The team were much more comfortable and we gave them opportunities to talk freely and then ask questions framed to get an answer that would stimulate viewers.


The videos were based on story & executed the journey of the Irish team to Russia to participate in the World Skills competition. Over 100,000 views over a month long social media campaign driven by predominately videos only. Organic views over 30k on posts with no advertising spend. Social accounts started with followers in the low hundreds and we grew them by 300% in one month. As our time was limited throughout; we endeavoured to utilise as much possible time capturing video footage and interviews as we could with a view to everyone enhancing the campaign and the results spoke for themselves.